• Bobbi Duncan-Ishcomer

back to wonderland

A journey of a thousand miles...begins on the blue line.

Here we are, back at ABIA, not yet travel wearied.

I love the smell of Boston.

Not the actual smell, which isn't something that should be marketed in a wax melt anytime soon, but the way the smell makes me feel. There's something about breaking free of the din at Logan, emerging blearily from whatever midnight arrival I've scheduled us to make, and making my way to the T that can only be summed up by that damp, musty electric salt water smell. It's awful, and I love it, because it means we're in Boston again.

When you get on the T from the airport, you enter the blue line, and take the train to Bowdin, into the heart of Boston. On the other side of the blue line, the side you see across from you as you wait for your train, there are signs to Wonderland.

It doesn't matter that we aren't taking the train in that direction—arrival in Boston means we've come to the place where I can catch a train to Wonderland, and that in itself is enough. I've come to associate the T, with its awful smell and its promise of Wonderland, with the beginning of grand adventures, so much so that I keep a half-filled Charlie ticket in my wallet, even when I'm not in Boston.

I was ready for New England 2018. Grand adventures were the name of the game. There would be beach. There would be mountains. There would be a National Park, hammock camping, and tiny mauslings to photograph. Maybe there would be moose.

But first, there would be Wonderland, and the deep exhalation of finally feeling back at home.

Travel Specs

Nights: 1

Transportation: AUS-BOS, Southwest, 7:30PM-1:30AM

Accommodations: AirBnB w/Tami in Chelsea. Dax the Cat is unsung hero who greets you when you check-in at 2 AM.

Food: That pizza from the kiosk in North Station. Sam Adams Boston on tap. ALL THE CLAM CHOWDER IN A BREAD BOWL @Boston Chowda in Faneuil Hall

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